- Hennessey Black Print Ad Directions

Recently I worked with the MME agency to create several different directions for a trade show print ad for their client Hennessey, as they launched their new cognac, Hennessey Black.

I presented the agency with copy based off the brand's existing "Done Different" tag line, as well as new directions to consider. I was asked to come up with some examples that incorporated business language that would appeal to trade consumers, as well as more general copy and headlines that spoke to the liquor's light flavor, mixability and its sleek, shiny bottle.

Ad body directions:
From the #1 cognac brand in the US comes Hennessey Black. Light and
mixable, it appeals to trendsetters who want to stand apart from the typical vodka
and tequila drinking crowd.

Hennessy, the #1 cognac brand in the US introduces Hennessey Black, a new
lighter cognac for trendsetting, younger drinkers who want to stand out from the
vodka and tequila drinking masses.

Black is Bolder
Everything Goes With Black
Hennessey Black is in the Mix
Black Will Attract
Black Shines Brighter
Desire Done Different
Attraction Done Different
High Volume Done Different
High Turnover Done Different
Superior Sales Done Different
Black Outshines the Competition
Consumers Will Go Back to Black
Black is the New Bottom Line
A Different Kind of Desire
Sales That Won’t Fade