- Scripts for Fuel TV Promos

Fuel TV is the channel for extreme sports - snowboarding, BMX, skateboarding, motocross, wake boarding, possibly some other kind of boarding only teenage boys know about right now, you get the idea. Fuel came to We Are Plus and asked us to pitch them a bunch of ideas for on-air promos that would convey their edgy, quirky, young, male identity. Below are scripts I wrote based off the ideas we brainstormed.

Direction 1: The Downside

VO – Surfer dude - Every morning you wake up, you brush your teeth, you put on a pair of clean underwear, you eat some cereal. You leave the house hoping for a good day. I do too. The difference between me and you is that you leave the house knowing, with 100% certainty, you will not be attacked by a shark as you go about your day. I just don’t have that luxury.

The spot is driven by images of a guy getting ready in the morning getting in his car, driving to the beach, and walking into the water with a surfboard.


VO - I could have been a baseball player. I was really fast in high school and my dad kept telling me to try out for the team. I’m sure I would have made it. I could have been a baseball player, and I would never have to think about things like avalanches or frost bite. I could have worn tight little pants, and run around in a circle.
I’ll try my luck with the avalanches.

Images of a snowboarder putting on his gear and heading out combined with landscape images of a huge mountain.

VO- “The dirt, its just everywhere. It ends up plastered on your face, all through your hair. You come home and take a shower, and you still find it in your ears, it ends up in your bed. I mean, if I had decided to be a swimmer or something instead, my apartment would be so clean.

I’d probably have all my original teeth too, but oh well.”

Images of a guy cleaning his room, vacuuming, wiping down a dresser etc.

Direction 2: Decisions, Decisions

A guy wakes up in his bedroom. We see an assortment of anthropomorphized sports equipment around him. A snowboard, a skateboard, wake board, a BMX bike. Each of these have googly eyes, and wake up along with him. They watch as he gets ready, getting excited that they might get taken out today. They try to judge who hes going to choose based on what hes putting on. He puts some swim trunks on, and the wake board glances excitedly at the surfboard. He chooses the bike, and the boards settle down, looking glum.

Direction 3: Call Now!

We see a puppet dressed like Vince the Slap Chop guy standing in a moto cross course

Puppet - Are you tired of using your slow, stupid legs to get around?

(Cut to shot of a kid walking and looking exasperated at his own legs, glances at his watch)

- Do you days just drag on and on without you catching any air whatsoever?

(Shot of a guy pathetically jumping a few inches off the ground.)

- Those ugly sneakers aren't helping anybody!

- Are you up to your neck in ramps and mud pits that you just don’t have a use for?

(Shot of a guy sitting next to a mud pit, looking bored)

- Do you have an ACL that needs tearing, a spleen that needs rupturing, teeth that need busting?!?!

Try Motocross! Its loud, its dangerous, and its guaranteed to get you laid within 30 days, or we’ll double your money back!

Call now!

Fuel TV logo is included in the fake ordering info at the end of the spot.

Direction 4:Simple Math

Super slo-mo, close up shots of athletes doing tricks are seen as math equations and information about the physics of whats happening animate on screen as if on a blackboard.

The measurements could include things like force, angle, trajectory, speed, wind resistance, rotation speed, etc. Could include shots of crashes and show impact etc.

Fuel TV logo could animate onto the screen in the same way the stats do.

Direction 5:True Love

This is a parody of an 80s dating video. There would be a cheesy animated open, followed by 5 or 6 different guys talking about what they want from a girl. The spot would consist of fast cuts between them as they say awkward, creepy things.

Sorry, this is my first time.
I’m a little sweaty.
Im looking for nice curves, but… you know, no fatties.
Is this thing on?
I like to ride bikes.
Looking for someone who knows how to dress a wound.
A strong swimmer, you must have excellent speed and agility.
You should be down with me talking to other chicks, I tend to get a lot of attention.
I’m just here to help my friend out. I do just fine on my own. Juuuust fine…
I enjoy spending time by the ocean. Just looking out at the waves…
My friends call me Big Dick Mike. Take from that what you will.
A girl with money would be good. Maybe you have a rich dad or a job or something.
I just want to hear the sound of your breathing as I watch you sleep.
Looking for someone local as my car got a little bit reposessed.
As you can probably guess, this body gets me into a lot of wild situations.
Are you ready to experience passion like you have never known? I know I am.

Tag line reads – Find True Love – Fuel TV