- Too New to Show Work - Google and Loyal Kaspar

I've worked on a few great projects over the last few months that are still in progress, so they remain top secret for the time being, but here's just a little info on what I brought to each.

Loyal Kaspar - This fall, I worked with entertainment branding agency, Loyal Kaspar on large-scale branding projects for two well-known television networks. These projects are ongoing so I can't share samples yet, but I worked on naming, tag lines, pitch writing, and branding decks. The team at Loyal Kaspar are absolute wizards when it comes to strategy and brand positioning, and it was a real education and a pleasure to be a part of their creative process.

Google - I spent the better part of this year as part of a team that's producing a huge amount of content for a new Google web product. While the project is still under development (and I'm bound by an NDA not to discuss it), I can say that I gained some great experience writing a high volume of content under tight character counts while adhering to Google's very specific editorial style. The project also required quick research and fact checking, as it will have a very large audience relying on it's accuracy. It was a very different style of writing for me, and I was glad to gain some new skills and to work on a highly visible project for an amazing company.